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Offshore Banking and the prospects for the Ghanaian Economy
One of the key developments in the world economy during the last few decades has been the growing international mobility of capital.An element in this process has been the growth of offshore finance.

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The Fishing sub-sector and Ghana's Economy
The importance of the fisheries sector in the socio-economic development of the country cannot be overemphasised. With a marine coastline of 550 kilometres stretching from Aflao in the East to Half Assini in the West, the fishing industry plays a major role in sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction in several households and communities.

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The Housing Market In Ghana
Contrary to the apparent neglect in mainstream macroeconomic analyses in the past, the housing market has become important and strategic to policy makers in recent times due to its impact on output fluctuations and inflation. Generally, activities in the housing industry may affect the well being of a people in terms of size and composition of household wealth, accessibility to credit, labour productivity, employment and other macroeconomic variables

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The Tourism Industry and the Ghanaian Economy
The tourism industry has contributed significantly to the country's economy, particularly in recent times, as the sector continues to demonstrate its potential as a key driver of growth.

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Issues on Wages and Labour
Standard economic theory suggests that markets are often the most efficient institutions for the allocation of scarce resources, because they clear to adjust demand and supply, and hence any rent opportunities would be arbitraged away. However in reality, there are frictions, unobservable characteristics, adjustment costs, different expectations, and probably discrimination in markets that tend to drive  market equilibrium away from efficient allocation.

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