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Quarterly Bulletin 2013 Q3

Global growth which was relatively subdued in the first half of the year seemed to have gathered some momentum in the third quarter.

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Quarterly Bulletin 2013 Q2

Global economic recovery remained modest and uneven across regions during the second quarter of the year. In most advanced economies, growth has begun to gain some traction, albeit slowly, in some countries but some concerns about ongoing balance sheet repair, fiscal and tight credit conditions continue to weigh on the medium term growth outlook.

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Quarterly Bulletin 2013 Q1

Overall global growth remained subdued in the first quarter of 2013 in spite of implementation of various policy measures that successfully contained the threat of the euro area breakup and fiscal contraction in the USA.

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Quarterly Bulletin 2012 Q4

Growth in the global economy remained subdued in the fourth quarter of 2012 amid lingering uncertainties in the euro area, the US Fiscal Cliff as well as the efforts in advanced economies to rein in budgetary spending which adversely affected the financial and commodity markets.


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Quarterly Bulletin 2012 Q3

 Growth in the global economy remained constrained as a result of lingering uncertainties in the euro area, fragile financial markets and the looming US Fiscal Cliff

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